A Guide To Getting Signed By A Record Label

Tired of all the struggle? Looking to get signed by a record label? Don’t worry we have a fool proof method for you to get signed by a record label in no time. There is one thing to understand and that is everything takes time and effort. No one got signed by a record label in a day so if you are struggling right now, know that it is okay and soon you will get signed by a record label if you are making the right moves. Here is a guide on how you can get signed by a record lab

How to Promote Your Music with Melon Records

If you’re an unsigned artist, group or band, the chances are high that you’re constantly looking for ways to promote your music. But it isn’t always easy. In fact, even though the revenue for unsigned artists is growing, earnings present a big obstacle. With greater exposure often comes increased earnings, which is where a label comes in. Promoting your music with the help of a record label can be the next big step in your career. Here’s what you need to know about promoting