A Guide To Getting Signed By A Record Label

Tired of all the struggle? Looking to get signed by a record label? Don’t worry we have a fool proof method for you to get signed by a record label in no time. There is one thing to understand and that is everything takes time and effort. No one got signed by a record label in a day so if you are struggling right now, know that it is okay and soon you will get signed by a record label if you are making the right moves. Here is a guide on how you can get signed by a record lab

Independent Vs Signed artists: Which is better?

Are you trying to find yourself a record label to sign with but finding it difficult to do so? Thinking of continuing as an independent artist? Well, you can’t make these decisions just because you’re unable to get a record label on board. Signing with a record label is a long process so you must hold on tight and not give up too easily. The right one might just be around the corner. Unsigned independent artists Independent and signed artists have a vastly different experienc

The Troubles Of Being An Unsigned Artist In Current Times

While you see new artists and bands trending everywhere, you’re stuck with a thought as to when you’ll get to sign with a record label. Being an unsigned artist during these times can be quite troubling. You see different artists rise while you remain kicking and struggling for record labels to notice you. If you’re an unsigned artist, you’re sure to have to deal with making different demos, and spending more than your budget allows just to get your work across to record labe