A Guide To Getting Signed By A Record Label

Tired of all the struggle? Looking to get signed by a record label? Don’t worry we have a fool proof method for you to get signed by a record label in no time.

There is one thing to understand and that is everything takes time and effort. No one got signed by a record label in a day so if you are struggling right now, know that it is okay and soon you will get signed by a record label if you are making the right moves.

Here is a guide on how you can get signed by a record label.

Stay true to yourself

Everyone has a unique style. That is what makes them different and attracts the audience. This is because in the era of mainstream music many people want to listen to something unique and different.

This is why you should not try to copy a famous singer’s or band’s style as they became famous because of their uniqueness. It takes time to find a style that is true to you so keep being consistent and soon enough you will find a style that is comfortable and suits you.

Social media presence

Social media is an essential tool because how else will record labels know you exist and get a sense of your personality after you have sent a demo. Many musicians send out demos daily. However, it's not everything when a record label decides to sign you.

Having a strong social media presence and followers can increase your chances of a record label signing you. Do remember that a record label will instantly know if you have bought followers so make sure everything is organic and original.

Be present everywhere such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and don’t forget a website!


Many people bypass this step and go straight to sending out demos. This is a big mistake because record labels receive thousands of demos in a day so they probably won’t notice yours unless it is something different and unique.

They are also most likely to listen to your demo if they know your name already. This is where networking comes in. Before you start sending out demos, you should network and know the right people in this industry.

You can do this by checking networking events through social media groups of the music industry. Once you have built a solid foundation of network then send out your demo.

Sound professional

Most importantly, get into a recording studio and make your sound professional. A track that is professionally mixed and mastered will instantly catch the eye of the record label.

If you know someone or have a friend who is great at producing music then ask for their help in making your tracks sound professional. This will help you have an edge over the competition.

Final Word

If you are looking to get signed by a record label and are struggling then follow these steps or partner with Melon Records to gain greater exposure and eventually get signed.

We know how hard it is out there for struggling musicians but we can help you be successful. You can send us demos, videos, promotional material and if we like your music we will ease your struggle!

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