How to Promote Your Music with Melon Records

Updated: May 1, 2020

If you’re an unsigned artist, group or band, the chances are high that you’re constantly looking for ways to promote your music. But it isn’t always easy. In fact, even though the revenue for unsigned artists is growing, earnings present a big obstacle. With greater exposure often comes increased earnings, which is where a label comes in. Promoting your music with the help of a record label can be the next big step in your career. Here’s what you need to know about promoting your music with Melon Records.

How does promotion with Melon Records work?

Melon Records is actively looking to attract unsigned artists, groups, and bands. We work with all types of music genres. You can send us your demos, videos, and gigs for us to promote on our YouTube Channel and social media platforms. Our goal is to help you overcome the biggest obstacle: exposure.

Why is Melon Records the right partner for me?

One of the biggest reasons unsigned artists desire to remain independent is their priority to retain control over their music. The age of the empowered musician is upon us, and artists resent needing to change their look or sound because a label says so. However, that doesn’t mean a label can’t help with exposure, and that’s our goal.

Melon Records knows how hard it is to gain exposure in a world still dominated by label artists. We also understand that almost two thirds of independent artists worry about their financial position and making ends meet can create challenges. The increased exposure can help build a fan base which will enable you to sustain your life. If music is your passion, then having the ability to focus on it full-time isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Utilising a label to promote your music is an underutilised resource. Today, unsigned artists use their own social media, personal websites, and email to promote themselves. However, partnering with Melon Records allows you to continue to promote yourself while also having an expert in the business lobby on your behalf. It gives you another way that you can gain exposure and feel confident that you’re reaching your intended audience.

Final thoughts

The idea of what it means to be a professional musician is changing, but promotion is still a factor in the success of an artist, group or band. If you want your chance to be promoted by Melon Records, you can submit your demo, video or gig here.

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