Independent Vs Signed artists: Which is better?

Are you trying to find yourself a record label to sign with but finding it difficult to do so? Thinking of continuing as an independent artist? Well, you can’t make these decisions just because you’re unable to get a record label on board. Signing with a record label is a long process so you must hold on tight and not give up too easily. The right one might just be around the corner.

Unsigned independent artists

Independent and signed artists have a vastly different experience when it comes to music creation and ownership. Struggling artists are always looking for a record label that they can sign with but when things don’t go this way, they generally introduce themselves as independent artists.

Independent artists are unsigned artists that are known to have more control over their creation. They’re able to own their music and retain all their earnings. However, there are various instances where going as an unsigned independent artist may cause you to lose. While you might have all the power and control over your work, your work will have access to limited funds only. This means that you might not be able to create the same kind of content that a signed artist might be able to. Even after earning 100 percent of the profit, you’re sure to lack the right amount of funds.

Unsigned artists also have very limited experience when it comes to the music industry. This means fewer contacts and limited means of networking so you can’t even promote your music the way you want to. If you’re backed by an investor, then that’s another thing. But the majority of unsigned artists find it difficult to manage their expenses on their own.

Are signed artists better off?

We’ve talked about how unsigned artists have trouble while trying to make a breakthrough, now it’s time to see whether signed artists have it any better. When it comes to signed artists, you might not be able to have complete control over what you’re creating as you will be managed by the record label. But then again, your music will have the right exposure along with enough financial capacity to shoot music videos that reach the music billboards.

Record labels have a certain reputation and influence in the industry so your music is sure to be able to reach a very large audience. This is much better than running around trying to get your music to have the right exposure independently.

What can you do as an unsigned artist?

The bottom line is that record labels still hold a lot of influence and power when it comes to the music industry. Signing with a record label is sure to enable you to outperform in the industry. If you’re finding it difficult to get a record label to sign you, then you should opt for Melon Records. Melon Records is a record label that is open to accepting unsigned artists and band of different genres. We will use our online platforms to help promote you across various channels. Equipped with the right tools, we can help you achieve your dreams in the music industry. Send us your details and we’re sure to help you out in whichever way we can.













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