Problems Faced By Struggling Music Artists

Being an artist is a big struggle. There are endless days and nights of searching, recording, sending demos, and just waiting to realise you are not going to get a call.

Did you know that 82% of musicians who are consistently working every day are unsigned? There is a large gap in the market and because of this gap, many people don’t even get a proper chance to showcase their skills.

Everyone is on social media and there is fierce competition in today’s world. So what are the challenges that musicians face and how can they overcome them?

Problems faced by struggling artists

No call-backs

Many people send out demos daily and labels receive hundreds of demos every day. However, most of them go unnoticed and they don't receive a call. This is a problem faced by most struggling artists and here is how you can overcome that problem.

Solution: Here are a few solutions to aid you in making your demo stand out:

· Make it sound professional by recording it in a studio

· Mix and master your tracks through someone who knows how to do it

· Network and build relationships in the relevant industry before sending out a demo

· Send links of tracks you have posted on platforms such as YouTube or SoundCloud

A low turnout at gigs

No one wants to sing or play for furniture and walls. It can get very demoralising and lower your spirits. Many people who perform gigs face the problem of low turnouts which can strip away confidence and make you turn away from music.

Solution: Create hype for your show. Utilise the power of social media and networking to attract the audience by getting the word of your show out. This is how the word spreads and this is how people come to gigs.

Minimal funds

All of us need some sort of steady income to survive. However, if you are a musician and struggling it can get extremely difficult because if you are not making anything and investing whatever you have in your music you will see hard days.

Solution: The struggle is part of the journey, probably the most important part because it makes you grateful when you finally reach your destination. The only thing you can do is manage your funds wisely and maybe find a way to make some money on the side.

Unpublished reviews

So you went to a gig, there were a few people who were writers but none of them published a review even though they said they would. This is a common problem and happens mostly because writers don’t have the authority on what gets published.

This can leave you disheartened and feel like you are not getting anywhere.

Solution: Here are a few things you can do:

· Build a rapport with writers

· Kindly ask them if they can share your music and the gig on social media instead to increase the presence

Final Word

The journey of becoming a musician is a long, hard process. However, if you want to make it a bit easier you can get a head start, so why not partner with Melon Records?

We’re still amazed by the number of artists who don’t follow things up when requested to send extra information to us. We will do all we can to promote you but you also need to help yourself. We understand, we care, and we want to help everyone find success.

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