The Troubles Of Being An Unsigned Artist In Current Times

While you see new artists and bands trending everywhere, you’re stuck with a thought as to when you’ll get to sign with a record label. Being an unsigned artist during these times can be quite troubling. You see different artists rise while you remain kicking and struggling for record labels to notice you.

If you’re an unsigned artist, you’re sure to have to deal with making different demos, and spending more than your budget allows just to get your work across to record labels. Even then, you fail to secure a label that will support your brand. In the current times, artists need to be backed up with record labels so that they get the relevant funding and exposure to grow.

Not having the right kind of elements to help you get through will result in you being demotivated and troubled throughout.

Financial limitations

There’s only so much that unsigned artists can invest in their quest to land a great record label. It has a massive impact on their finances and they’re sure to be running a high debt just to manage their way.

If you’re going to be spending too much on your recordings and demo preparations, you’re sure to be short of money in no time. Unless you’re strongly connected to the music industry or have a wealthy background, making it in the music world with limited finance can be quite difficult. Given the rise in the prices of everything, it becomes difficult to support yourself and your career without facing any financial troubles.

Rejected demos

Another troubling aspect of being an unsigned artist is the continuous rejection of demos. Sending big record labels demos and then not hearing from them again or just purely being rejected is very heart-breaking. Not only does this result in your money being wasted, but the continuous rejection can take a mental toll as well.

With things getting tougher and tougher by the day, landing a good music career requires a lot of effort from you. While your demos keep on getting rejected, you must make sure that you have backups as well. This means trying to reach out to the people behind the labels and trying to connect to them. While this will not always land you a record label, you’re able to talk and network with people in the industry.

Creative burn

After trying to attract record labels with your production fails, there is sure to be a creative burn that unsigned artists suffer. With their hard work being of no use, there’s no doubt that they will feel demotivated and unable to produce more music.

To solve these issues, Melon Records works differently and are much more approachable. This enables unsigned artists, bands, and groups to connect with us. You can connect to us using whichever means you want to and these can include but aren’t limited to you sending us demos, gigs, and other video links. Our label is here to help unsigned artists achieve a greater audience as we help promote their works. With a rising number of unsigned artists in our portfolio, we’re here to help you in our best capacity and make sure you reach the audience you deserve.

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